Digital Ordering System

Create your own digital ordering system and start accepting online orders and reservations. Manage everything online with the streamlined admin interface.

This is a Digital Website Online Food Ordering System

A digital ordering system is an integrated service tool that allows restaurants to take down customer orders and receive payments remotely.

Through a digital ordering system, the customer directly communicates their orders to the restaurant kitchen. As such, the ordering process is simplified, unlike traditionally where the waiter is the main communication link between the customer and restaurant kitchen. As you can see, a digital ordering system reduces the ordering time as well as the number of human errors made as orders are directly translated to the kitchen.

We actually recommend that you outsource and hire a digital solutions company that will construct the Digital Ordering System for you. It will ultimately save you precious time and money which can be used to develop your business further. However if you still want to pursue an in-house web development for your F&B establishment, here are the key areas you need to note:

Average Timeline


Get acquainted with the vendor, let them understand your business & goals. You can find out about their process and whether they are a good match for you.

Day 1

Sign Contract

After you have decided on which vendor to engage, you will proceed with the contract & payment. You will also need to assist the vendor by sending them the necessary materials such as images & more.
Day 8

Mock Up

Proceed to the trial and onboarding session, where the vendor will design how you envision your Digital Ordering System to be like.

Day 11


Congrats! Your Digital Ordering System is done! You will be provided with the necessary equipment such as tablets, an order printing system & more. (It differs for every vendor.)
Day 14


The vendor will assist in training your staff to operate the Digital Ordering System. Some vendors even provide you with Youtube tutorial videos in case you need to refresh.

Day 15


Once your website is launched, sit back and let the profits roll in!

Day 16


After 30 days, the usage report should be generated for you. The vendor should also provide you with technical support.
(Monthly fees may be applicable for some)

Day 17

Digital Ordering System makes everyone's life easier

You can save this amount! ^

Is it necessary now

Digital Age

Heading into 2020, numerous analysts have stressed the importance of digitalisation and advocated for businesses to invest in technological solutions for the future. The digital landscape of Singapore is expanding exponentially, with more businesses in the F&B industry adopting digital ordering systems to refine their processes and improve their operations. Businesses which utilise this approach has seen an increase in both efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated plans to transition into a digital economy. Due to social distancing measures, many dine-in restrictions have been imposed and restaurants are no longer operating at full capacity. Notably, the F&B sector experienced a year-on-year loss of almost 30 per cent at the end of the third quarter in 2020. Most of the demand has also shifted towards online ordering and is predicted to remain for a while. Evidently, there is a paradigm shift towards digitalisation in the F&B industry; digital ordering system vendors have seen a spike in the number of F&B clients that seek out digital solutions to remain competitive in this challenging economy. It has been working, as the F&B industry is currently on a path of steady recovery, with many restaurants seeing their revenues back to around 70-80 percent of pre-Covid-19 sales.

PSG Grant

For businesses hesitant to invest in technology due to the high oncost, measures have been put in place to encourage digitalisation. The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is launched to help restaurants adopt technology solutions to improve productivity and enhance operation efficiency, providing up to 80% funding support. The PSG subsidises the investment massively to bolster confidence for digital providers.

Menu and Testimonials

Touch me

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“I initially thought that bringing the restaurant online will cost us a lot of money, but fortunately with the Productivity Solutions Grant, I can afford the Digital Ordering System and start accepting my orders online. Looking back, it is a good decision as nowadays I get more orders online than in-store. It has helped me reduce my losses while bringing in more new customers”

Touch me

Plus laptop device

“We needed to get onboard online delivery platforms to expand our reach. Despite using other platforms which were free to apply and only had set-up fees, they all took large commission fees from us. Now that we switched to a Digital Ordering System vendor, which has no commission fees, we have earned back the cost of the solution in less than a month. They have helped us to boost our revenue and reduce the stress on our business. On top of that, they have high level service, and give us all the support we need.”

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